Welcome to CorporateIncompetence.com

This site is dedicated to all those individuals (not to be confused with
induhviduals from Dilbert) who want to laugh at the stupidity of big
corporate America (someday to go international).

What is "incompetence" and how is that different from just plain stupidity?

My definition of corporate incompetence is an instance where a company
(as a broad concept) has the option to do the right thing, but chooses
the wrong one at a greater cost.

Stupidity is just plain doing the wrong thing.

A classic example of corporate incompetence is being told something is broken
and fixing the complaint, but not the problem.
An example is NOT a company that charges too much for a simple service
or a company that wrote the wrong price on its website.

IT IS an example where a company deploys a site to reduce costs
by allowing customers to ask questions via their website, but....
they "accidentally" never tested their code, and EVERY question is
repsonded to with ERROR: Your value for field date is invalid.
To fix the problem all they had to do was use numbers for months.

Other examples include employees who play the blame the customer
game. Or the comedy that results when an operator accidentaly switches
the field of "permenant address" and "mailing address."
Other potential candidates include the company operators who, no matter
what, always defend the data infront of them. Such as a customer who
had their service for one month being told their past-due bill was 43 days late!

Since I am a watchful person, who reads the fine print and won't take crap
from a large corporate entity, I have many such stories. I also would love
to hear your stories!
COMMING SOON -- LINKS TO STORIES -- A LIST OF SOME OF MY FAVORITES, a way to submit your own, plus an index by company of their incompotence stories!
What are the goals of this site?
  • To allow people to share in the incompetence and laugh at it! Some stories are just so funny you can't help but laugh!
  • To hope the respectable companies learn what not to do
  • To provide a forum where people can share their experiences as a means of warning to others. If some company, say Ameritech (now part of SBC) consistently screws up, people should know about it!
  • What this site is NOT:
  • It is not intended for random corporate bashing, only to provide actual stories of corporate incompetence
  • It is not a site where you can just randomly complain about a company (even though I might do it sometimes), we all know some companies stink -- maybe go to a site like http://www.ecomplaints.com instead.

  • This site was created by Eric Glover -- http://www.ericglover.com/ Last updated: November 10, 2000